Leslie Crumley    President and Founder
Structured Success, Inc.

I specialize in Personal Finance Strategic Planning for individuals, small business owners, and small groups. In my close to  three decades of working with clients, I  noticed two obstacles that consistently prevent my clients from reaching their desired lifestyle:

  • negative societal attitudes towards money

  • a lack of basic financial understanding

This inspired me to develop Mindful Money Management* and my on-line program 7 Steps to Fund a Life You Love Living: a holistic approach to strategic planning. This program provides a proven pathway that enables clients to achieve their personal aspirations and a life they love living.

My experience in financial services includes: 

  • Financial Advisor and in management at major investment firms (Smith Barney, Wachovia Securities)

  • Premier Client Manager at Bank of America

  • Real estate investment buying and selling over 16 properties

  • Personal experience navigating multi-generational family challenges

My husband and I are long-time residents of Los Angeles. I enjoy teaching, speaking, and traveling, especially to San Francisco to visit my daughter. My daily routine includes mindfulness, forgiveness, and gratitude practices, all of which help me fund a life I love living. 

“Let me show you how to fund
a life you love living.”


*Leslie Crumley’s Mindful Money Management - © 2015 Structured Success, Inc.