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I work with individuals, families, and heart-centered entrepreneurs seeking wisdom to create the focus, time, and money to live their goals and dreams.


Leslie Crumley  
Cash Flow Stratagist


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The must-know hidden keys to unlock your success

     Born a small-town girl in the mid-west, I love to travel and have resided in the Los Angeles area for thirty years. 

      I am a passionate advocate in serving those seeking to align their beliefs and behaviors to support their goals & dreams, time, and money. It is my mission to share my knowledge to help them focus on what matters most in a way that feels safe, approachable, and accessible. These are the reasons why I became a Cash Flow Strategist


     In 2008, I suffered, like so many, from the decline in the real estate market. That glorious failure forced me to develop new skills and knowledge to heal mentally and financially from what felt like a devastating loss. My family (husband, two kids, my husband's parents, and a dog) counted on me to turn that situation around. Life lessons learned from that experience and many others allow me a unique perspective and insight when helping people develop their Strategic Vision Plan. 


     Leaning on the work of great teachers in meditation, neuroscience, philosophy, and mental health allowed me to curate restorative techniques. I developed resilience, mental strength, and skills to get our circumstances back on track. I learned to ask better questions, "How much is enough," "What is MY definition of success," "What and who is worth trading my precious life for?" "How do I manage investment risk?" I made a commitment that when I found my way out that I would help others and teach what I learned the hard way.

     As well as my personal experiences, I utilize my expertise gained from over two decades as a licensed financial advisor, personal banker, and real estate investor to quickly assess your financial wellness. I help you understand and demystify complex financial concepts. We create clear, focused, intentioned, manageable action steps so you travel with effortless ease on your journey to Fund A Life You Love Living.

     If you're curious, please reach out. I've designed my work for you to jump in whether you're starting with little income or assets or have high income with significant assets. Whether you understand the language of finance or not.


     If you want results while you learn by doing, then join me. I look forward to meeting you and easing your journey to Fund A Life You Love Living. 

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