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Clarity. Serenity. Vision.

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Ease your path and optimize your life journey.

  • Do you want better results in your finances but struggle to know where to start? 

  • Do you want a second opinion on the direction of your financial path? 

  • Do you want to level up your financial successes and accelerate your journey, but don’t know how?  

  • Do you want to silence the whispers (screams) of worry and guilt that permeates your relationship with money?


If you answered yes to even one of these questions, I'm here to help.

Your 1- on-1 session creates a roadmap to help navigate your financial journey. 

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In as little as a 50-minute meeting, put a "you are here" dot on your map. You walk away with manageable action steps that pave the path to your desired results. We create your financial awareness baseline to prioritize your focus and action on what matters most. 


Goals of Your 1-on-1 Discovery Session

Engage in a comfortable, safe and nurturing discussion 


Answer prompted questions to gain insight, including:

  1. Financial Awareness Assessment

  2. Goals and Dreams Discovery 

  3. Money Mindset Realization

  4. Money Beliefs Recognition

Results of Your Session

Your specific questions answered

Hidden financial risks revealed

Personalized innovative solutions

Strategies tailored to your unique needs

Action Steps to accelerate your progress

Registration Prerequisites
  1. Ability to meet via Zoom conferencing 

  2. Access and ability to navigate Google Sheets 

  3. Read and agree to the necessary info below

Accountability Partnership Agreement
  1. You and I both agree to conduct your session within 30 days of your registration, or you forfeit your session and fee.

  2. 48-hour notice reschedules the session. Life happens, for me too! Maximum 3 reschedules. ​


Single Session Price $475.00

  • 50 minutes 1 on 1 time

  • 1-2 hours guided prep work

  • Discovery Vision Planner 

Legal Disclamers

When you register, you agree:

  1.  Structured Success, Inc. and its representatives provide financial education and NOT Financial, Tax, or Legal Advice. We do not give or represent to provide advice. Our mission is to prepare and educate you so that you can engage at a higher level with your licensed advisors.

  2. Results are not represented or guaranteed. At Structured Success, Inc., we guide your journey; we don't guarantee you'll arrive at your destination.

  3. Both parties agree to confidentially. The process and materials shared are proprietary, and permission is not given to share with anyone other than your significant other. In turn, the information you share with Structured Success, Inc. is held in the strictest of confidence.

  4. Structured Success, Inc. does not store or keep any of your confidential data in a 1-on-1 session. You control your data.

  5. Structured Success Inc. cannot be held liable for any data breaches from any of the 3rd party platforms utilized to deliver service.

©2020 Structured Success Inc. 

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