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Discover how you can live your goals and dreams 

through our VIRTUAL Self-Awareness Journey

It’s about change in your behaviors.

 You’ll walk away with a step-by-step plan to create the focus, time, and money

to live your goals and dreams.

Your Virtual Financial Focus Session

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Learn to UNLOCK the life 

you want to live.  

The confidence to understand that current conditions and circumstances do not dictate your future.


The confidence to discover your Goals

and Dreams. 


The confidence to filter what’s unnecessary and invest time in yourself.  

The confidence to face your fears.  


The confidence to learn and do what it takes to achieve your Goals and Dreams.


The confidence to see that your life has deep meaning and purpose.

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I Understand...

I was unhappy in my career I felt stuck and defeated.

I unconsciously limited my opportunity with my mindset and limiting beliefs, “I’m not smart enough,” “I didn’t attend the right college,” “I’m not good with math,” I’m too old, the list goes

on and on.


After an unacceptable and eye-opening experience at work,

I realized that I could continue down a path of being unfulfilled, living a diminished life. Or I could do what it took to live a life

I’d love living. This epiphany led me on a journey of self-awareness, using neuroscience and mindfulness. With dogged determination, I broke free of the shackles of self-limiting beliefs, and what I thought of as circumstances beyond my control. Using newly acquired knowledge and my expertise in personal financial management, I focused my journey to Fund a Life I Love Living.


I believe that you deserve to fund a life you love living. In 7 Steps, I am on a mission to share with you what I learned the hard way. 

Imagine a guided meditative journey where you tap into your inner desires and create a clear plan so each day you live with purpose to fund a life you live living.

See your life from a new perspective

Here’s how we work together to take action to fund a life you love living now.


Work online in the comfort and privacy of your own space. Receive access to layered and stacked education that includes instructive meditative audios, videos, custom-designed self-assessments.



We walk through your limiting behaviors to help you:


Create clarity as you recognize, organize, and prioritize what matters most.


Identify how you spend and invest your time by recognizing, organizing, and prioritizing your commitments.


Gain confidence and calm as

you learn financial lingo that

allows you access to learning

that previously blocked your




Learn to envision a you that

has the beliefs and behaviors

that fund a life you love living.


Learn how to align your

lifestyle and financial balance

in your decision making to

leverage and accelerate your



Jump into the stream of momentum to leverage and compound the expertise and vision of others to live, grow, and expand your vision.


Live your vision and focus on your path to achieving your goals and dreams

It’s about funding your purpose and passion

Funding = Goals and Dreams + Lifestyle Balance + Financial Balance+Life Vision



  1. 7 Steps is designed specifically for the seeker wanting both answers and results. Transform and transition from where you are to where you want to be. You want fulfillment and are motivated to take action. (This is not for anyone unwilling to dig deep and become self-aware.)

  2. This is a meditative self-paced guided learning experience offered in the comfort of your own home.  Step-by-step we journey to discover what matters most. You identify how your time and money choices impact your results. You’ll leave with new beliefs and behaviors that align what matters most and a clear vision of how to achieve it.

  3. You leave this program with a plan. You use powerful tools that lead to specific action and strategic steps (to your purpose and passion). Leave overwhelm behind as you walk feeling calm, confident, and empowered to take clear action towards your goals and dreams.

Focus: What Matters Most to You

I see people making uninformed decisions based on unconscious beliefs and behaviors which impact their personal and business lives.

7 Steps to Fund A Life You Love Living is about making smart choices to face yourself head-on. You identify beliefs and behaviors that limit your ability to self develop into the person that Funds a Life You Love Living.


Are you consciously aware of your goals and dreams? Do you understand how your time and money choices impact your results? Do you have a vision of what the life you want to lead look like? If you don’t and want to stop doing the same thing and get the same results, then join our journey.  I’ve invested years of experience and drawn upon the teaching of great thinkers and doers to create a guided path. Decide now that you are ready to do the work to Fund a Life You Love Living.

Focus: Develop Your Vision Plan

  • Access clarity on what matters most, your goals and dreams

  • Value your time and realize that your time is a valuable asset

  • Understand if your current financial choices build a path to your goals and dreams.

  • Use powerful tools to develop your Vision Plan

  • Align your time and money choices to support the achievement of your goals and dreams

  • Build a trusted team to make your path simpler and easier

  • Take action and live your vision now

Working from Home

It’s about taking action and loving the journey.

7 Steps to Fund A Life You Love Living isn’t just about change in your beliefs and behaviors towards your goals and dreams, your time and your money.


Your 7 Steps to Fund A Life You Love Living - Journey Agenda

Every day you are inundated with choices. Every day, many people unwittingly make what appear to be inconsequential choices with their attention, time, and money, they have no conscious awareness of their goals and dreams. In hindsight, they look back and realize that those tiny unconscious choices overtime dictated their life experience. 


You want to make consciously aware choices that wittingly impact your current and future life experience.


Here’s how: You take a purposeful pause and utilize 7 proven steps to gain clarity. On a guided path you become self-aware and learn how to change your behavior and beliefs to support your goals and dreams. You travel with other seekers and have access to group intelligence and accountability to accelerate your access to empowerment.  


It doesn’t matter how others define success, it matters how you define, design, and successfully fund a life you love living.


I struggled with living a life I didn’t love based on society's definition of success. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom with finances and health that I realized that I’d gotten it wrong, more MONEY was not the answer.  It was only PART of the answer.  It’s living authentically, having time and money to develop into a person that lives with passion and purpose and is able to afford to pursue their goals and dreams.

Set yourself up for success. Discover what to expect and how you obtain the most value from the program.

Step One: Recognizing Your Goals and Dreams 

A guided journey to recognize your innermost goals and dreams. Utilize stream of consciousness journaling, the power of written goals, visualization, and clear, focused, intentioned, manageable action to identify your priority goal.

Step Two: Lifestyle Balance Awareness

Learn to manage the stress of opportunity. Recognize, define, and prioritize your commitments. Raise your conscious awareness of how you spend time. Shift from spending time to investing time on your priority goal.

Step Three: Financial Awareness Balance

Discover the value of and how to create a Financial Awareness Balance Sheet. Harness the power of vision planning and connect the dots between your priority goal and your spending choices.

Step Four: Develop Your Vision

Breathe deep and celebrate your success. Realize and incorporate neuroscience techniques to develop new positive neuro connections. Breakthrough resistance and support the achievement of your priority goal.

Step Five: Align Your Balance

Build on your discovery work from Steps 1- 4. You balance and align your life to focus your attention. You create clear, focused, intentioned, manageable action steps towards the accomplishment of your Priority Goal.

Tap into the Power of We. Realize the difference between a team and a Vision Realization Team. Expand what’s possible as you set expectations for yourself and team members.

Step Six: Vision Realization Team
Step Seven: Live Your Vision

Visualize your success and Live your Vision. Learn how to utilize the Project Action Plan to narrow your focus and release mental distraction. Live in a state of peace and calm as you take consistent strategic action to achieve your Priority Goal.


7 Steps to Fund A Life You Love Living

Self-Guided includes:

22 Discovery guided and prompted self-assessments revealing:


       Behaviors that block your success


       Habits that limit achievement


       Day to day stresses that drain your energy


       Financial choices that limit access to what matters most



10 Lifetime tools to maintain your optimum alignment to:


       Focus on what matters most 


       Balance your time commitments to live your vision


       Consciously flow your financial resources to support your                    Goals and Dreams

6 Financial Freedom Flow live sessions:


       Twice monthly group sessions, designed to reinforce your                    success habits while achieving your Goals and Dreams


       Get your questions answered by an expert


       Receive support and accountability

1-on-1 Discovery Strategy Session:


     Financial Awareness Assessment


       Review of your Goals and Dreams for insight on how to                      optimize and accelerate your achievement


       Identify your Money Mindsets that block your path to                        success


       Identify hidden risks within your plan 

14 Day money-back GUARANTEE:


     We want you to be delighted with your purchase. We                          offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee 14 days from            your enrollment date

7 Steps to Fund A Life You Love Living - Self-Guided

7 Steps to Fund A Life You Love Living







  • Self-Guided Program access for 3 months $1497 

  • Financial Freedom Flow Sessions (via Zoom) for 3 months $150

  • 1 - 20 minute 1-on-1 Strategy Session (via Zoom) $118


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