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The must-know hidden keys to unlock your success

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  1. Have written goals with a plan

  2. Value your time

  3. Understand and manage your Financial Balance  

  4. Develop your Vision

  5. Align your goals, time, and money with your vision

  6. Build a Team

  7. Take Action

  8. Avoid Common Mistakes

  1. Have Written Goals with a Plan

  2. Value Your Time

  3. Understand and Manage Your Financial Balance  

  4. Develop Your Vision

  5. Align Your Goals, Time, and Money with Your Vision

  6. Build a Team

  7. Take Action

  8. Avoid Common Mistakes



Gain the Advantages of:

Knowing, growing, and maintaining your money using a tool used by the wealthy

Reducing risk and increasing returns with categories of assets and liabilities

Maximizing profits by controlling your investments

Arriving at your destination faster and easier by connecting your vision to your investments


On-Demand Learning

Learn-by-doing instructions that provide:

  • Access to three months of self-paced lessons  

  • 5 self-assessments that give you clarity

  • 3 lifetime tools that allow you to know, grow, and keep your wealth


Financial Freedom Flow Sessions 

Six 45-minute interactive group Zoom Sessions that:

  • Support your goals

  • Allow you to practice what you learn

  • Answer questions so you don’t struggle

Secret Strategy Session

Twenty-minute 1-on-1 via Zoom with an expert (Leslie) to:

  • Address questions privately

  • Receive customized insight

  • Overcome resistance and fear

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